Letter from the Editor


Dear Bride-to-be

Organising a wedding can be quite a stressful task, but at the same time it is an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable period in your life. Our beautiful and comprehensive BRUIDSGIDS and WEDDING GUIDE magazines are essential manuals for every South African bride - packed with useful information that will eliminate much of the stress of making decisions about wedding arrangements.

We live in an era of instant solutions, and if something breaks, we tend to throw it away. Far too many couples choose to part ways if they encounter any difficulties in marriage. But when you talk to couples who stayed together, and who are still together after many years, they will tell you that somewhere along their journey together, they too wondered what on earth they had got themselves into and had no idea of how they were going to stay the course! Conflict and tension are part and parcel of any normal relationship. Do not simply throw your marriage away when it breaks down –repair it!

Join our Facebook page to keep up to date with all the newest trends and to get a multitude of fresh ideas. We are also in the process of reconstructing this website - to offer you the best wedding planning tools: from seating and guest planning to a budget planner, inspiration from real weddings and not to mention the ‘to do list’ that will help you remember all the small detail. We are confident that you need not have to browse beyond what we will offer you, as we have spent lots of time researching the wedding industry online and have structured it in a user-friendly manner for your convenience!

Being the leading Bridal magazine for the past 18 years we are excited to offer you an online, interactive way of planning your wedding day very soon. Still, nothing compares to holding a BRUIDSGIDS and WEDDING GUIDE magazine in your hands. We believe that the bridal industry will always appreciate the printed media and we hope to be as loyal and informative online as we have been in the printed magazines throughout the years.

We hope that the new website (soon to go live) will bring an exciting and inspiring element to your wedding planning that lies ahead. We look forward in guiding you to start planning one of the most important days of your life!




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